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This weekend's Saturday Vertex theme: Military/Rivithead

This one's pretty self explanatory.
Wear camo or military inspired accessories.
Wear military style jackets, skirts, medals, badges, hats.

The dress style of rivetheads is inspired by military aesthetics, complemented by modern primitive body modification (tattoos, piercings and scarification) or borrowed visual cues from goths (fetishism, morbid-themed jewelry and imagery, and black hair dye), as well as punk fashion elements such as the fanned Mohawk hairstyle. Below are some of the main characteristics of the rivethead dress style.

Footwear: Combat boots, tanker boots, Jungle boots, knee-high military dress boots, steel-toe boots (such as Dr. Martens), Transmuters (or other platform boots), Gripfasts or Grinders.

Pants: Cargo pants or Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) pants; often but not always black or urban camo, usually tucked into boots, rolled at the bottom cuffs or as cut-off shorts. Also, leather pants and 'bondage pants'.
Tops: Industrial Band T-shirts, black wifebeaters, flight jackets, leather jackets, bulletproof vests and trenchcoats.

Hair: Shaved bald, partially shaved (undercut), crewcut, Mohawk, Bihawk, Trihawk or deadhawk. Sometimes long hair à la 1990s Trent Reznor.

Headgear and facegear: Sometimes masks, such as respirators or gasmasks; helmets (usually in band promo shots rather than as streetwear) and welding or flight/military-style goggles

Additional Accessories: Leather gloves (sometimes fingerless); Wool or cotton fingerless gloves; BDU-style belts; spiked or studded belts; spiked or studded chokers/collars; dog tags; jewelry that incorporates industrial elements such as nails, screws, cogs, gears, computer parts or other hardware.

Body Mods: piercings, tattoos, etc.

Female Rivets: May dress along with the femme fatale look: sexuality as power. Common are short skirts, military wear, knee-high stiletto heel boots, vinyl, leather or PVC bustiers and corsets, and lip gloss with less makeup than Goths. Often long dyed black(sometimes red or purple for example) hair that is long, short, spiked, shaved bald, partially shaved (undercut), Bettie Paige bangs, or other. Colorful synthetic pony falls or hair extensions and colorful vinyl are seen, but are more known as Cybergoth wear.

Go nuts-have fun!
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